About ECI

Exim Credit Insurance (ECI) is the Insurance and reinsurance company that is established in line with supporting Export and Import Vision, which aims to implement economic diversification policies, and reduce the dependence on Trading resources as a source of income, in preparation for the inevitable post-Trading era. ECI’s primary purpose as per the provisions of its statute issued by the Cabinet is to guarantee commercial and non-commercial risks associated with the export and re-export of goods and services.

Our Vision

To be a leading of Trade Credit Insurance that supports sustainable and diversified economic development, in line with the Global Export and Importation.

Our Mission

  • Support Cross Border’s Transaction strategy in transitioning to economy by making exports of goods and services more globally competitive
  • Encourage SME businesses to access emerging markets of regional and international scope as well as enhance companies to reach greater new heights and achieve sustainable growth
  • Protect companies from commercial, political, and non-payment risks through Trade Credit Policies-compliant and conventional risk mitigation and financing tools
  • To Equip MSE businesses with in-depth intelligence, knowledge and export strategies that will bolster their confidence to explore new opportunities

Our Objectives

  • Help exporters compete against those who are supported by their national ECAs
  • Provide export credit financing when private lenders cannot finance export sales
  • Partner with private financial institutions to enhance their confidence in lending more funds to exporters while managing their risks