International Cooperation - ECAs

ECI keeps a keen eye on undertaking strategic alliances with key stakeholders to develop bespoke investment insurance products in order to enhance the ability of insurers and financial institutions in the country to support UAE exporters.

ECI has always been staunch in its mandate to bolster its international relations in order to enhance trade opportunities for the country’s export sector—striving hard to establish close ties with various institutions in order to strengthen UAE businesses in line with the vision of the UAE’s leaders.


ECI understands that strategic partnership among the global trade credit insurance players is crucial in ensuring the stability of businesses. With the re-insurance initiative between ECI and a partner ECA, one of the insurers will provide credit insurance facilities for all the said goods and services, while the other will re-insure the insurer to guarantee protection from all risks associated with exports.


ECI also undertakes co-insurance initiatives with its partners, specifically its ECA equivalent. In this product, ECI shares the risk with ECAs to minimize losses in the face of insolvency on the part of the buyer. This ensures not just guaranteed protection, but also continuity of business.

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